Approach: Straightforward
Shelter: Average - alternative shelter: Fort-de-France 18 M.
Landfall at night: Yes
Night at anchor: Yes.
Draft: No issue.
Warning: Lobster pots and wrecks - anchorage tends to roll.
Waypoint: 14°44.46 N - 061°11.04 W

c stpierre

Reproduction authorization N° E52/2000 - SHOM reproduction prohibited. DO NOT use for navigation.

saint-pierreYou can access this anchorage at night by the town lights, but keep a watch on those lobsterpots and on the wrecks marked with a blue buoy. It's best to anchor to the North of the pier as the local fishing boats occupy the South.

The bottom rises sharply making it necessary to sail quite near to the beach where you can anchor by 8 to 10 meters on sand with medium holding. Go ashore on the town pier or the beach.

Saint-Pierre was the first capital of Martinique. It was destroyed by the eruption of the Montagne Pelée in 1902 and the little museum as well as the ruins of the town theatre are well worth a visit. It's also from here that you can climb onto this fearful mountain, that is, if you are fortunate to be there on a clear day, otherwise to top will be in the fog!

The town is much quieter than its southern counterparts, as if fearful of waking the Montagne Pelée into activity. It has pleasant bars with terraces on the waterfront, the usual restaurants, a supermarket (Huit à 8), pharmacy, hospital, a gas station selling camping gas, and a good scuba-diving operation (Papa d'lo).

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