Approach: Straightforward
Shelter: Excellent.
Landfall at night: Yes
Night at anchor: Yes
Draft: No issue.
Warning: Respect the buoyage!
Waypoints: Approach: 14°26.57 N - 061°54.53 W - 14°27.00 W - 060°53.16 W

c marin

Reproduction authorization N° E52/2000 - SHOM reproduction prohibited. DO NOT use for navigation.

cul-de-sac-du-marinThe channel is marked. Beware of the shallows in front of the Baie de Sainte-Anne with lots of mooring buoys and undeep. Once you have reached the second waypoint keep clear of the Club Med peninsula. There is a sectored light on the point.

Follow the channel without missing a buoy and anchor in the bays to the south-east (check the depth and beware of the mosquitoes). You can go ashore in the marina.

The marina is the largest in Martinique and has everything you may expect of a marina. There are lots of pleasant bars on the waterfront and along the road just behind such as Mango Bay which also provides free Wifi access to Internet. The ZanziBar is a good (Belgian) restaurant.
All services to yachts are available: boatyards, ship chandlers, mechanics, marine electronics, sailmakers, water, fuel and camping gas. The main supermarkets will deliver on board (make sure to ask before you start shopping) and victualling here will be much less expensive than in Saint Lucia.

The little town is worth a stroll, there's a small tourist market with atmosphere and an interesting church. You can also rent a car here and tour the island.