Approach: Difficult
Shelter: Good - alternative shelter: Le Marin 3 M.
Landfall at night: No
Night at anchor: Yes
Draft: 1 to 5 meters
Warning: Do not attempt with strong swell - often rolly.
Waypoint: 14°24.86 N - 61°49.77 W

c baieanglais
Reproduction authorization N° E52/2000 - SHOM reproduction prohibited. DO NOT use for navigation.

Make sure you have definitely identified Ilet Burgaux and Ilet Percé before entering the anchorage. Head 290° true towards the small and very flat islet just north of Point Baham.

You can drop the anchor north-east of this islet in 2.2 meters on sand with average holding; or just before the South point closing the Baie des Anglais making sure you follow the route indicated on this chartlet to reach the anchorage in 2 meters on sand; or in the bay itself. The further you enter, the more it's shallow. Left and right from the entrance (the northern one, to the right is best) you can anchor on mud in 1.8 meters.

Going ashore can be tricky if there is swell. There are no services to yachts and neither bars nor restaurants, not even a road. This is a stop away from civilization with just snorkelling and bird watching to do.