Approach: Difficult
Shelter: Good - Alternative shelter: Cul-de-Sac du Marin 20 M.
Landfall at night: No
Night at anchor: Yes.
Draft: 1 to 2 meters.
Warning: Rolls.
Waypoints: North: 14°30.84 N - 061°47.95 W - South:

c vauclin

 Reproduction authorization N° E52/2000 - SHOM reproduction prohibited. DO NOT use for navigation.

c cayecoqFrom the North, head 230° true for 2.3 nautical miles. Check your drift. The green buoy, to be left to port, is not lit. Avoid the approach if the swell breaks on the reefs to starboard. The sectored lights of Vauclin harbour indicate the access in their white sector.

From the South, head for the Pointe du Vauclin, 330° true. Spot the red buoy south of the Cayes Pariadis on which the sea breaks. Then pass the Caye Sautée leaving it to starboard and head 270° true towards the green buoy, leaving it to port, before heading South-West into the roads.

c sauteesAnchor by 2 meters on mud with medium holding, and go ashore in the harbour. Entering the harbour is impossible to boats drawing over 1.5 meters. Nothing special in town, just the atmosphere and a cute market.

c vauclinport