Approach: Difficult (very much so with swell!)
Shelter: Average - alternative shelter: Marina Bas-du-Fort 6 M.
Landfall at night: No
Night at anchor: Yes
Draft: 2.5 m.
Warning: Don't attempt the "Petite Passe" as the charts are not reliable. Often rolls!
Waypoints: a1 16°12.89 N - 061°22.92 W - a2 16°13.28 N - 061°23.23 W

c steanne

Reproduction authotisation N° E52/2000 - SHOM reproduction prohibited. DO NOT use for navigation.

The marks are privately maintained by a club and thus unlit, contrary to what is indicated on the chart.

Sainte Anne harbourDon't use the fishing harbour ("Port de Pèche") in the NW of the bay as it is undeep. You can anchor just north of the second buoy. If there is no room, try in front of the "Plage de la Caravelle" but beware of the cayes; approach with good visibility. The western part of the bay is Club Med property; but the beautiful beach is freely accessible.

Use the fishing harbour to go ashore and leave your dinghy; bars and restaurants in the village.

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